Blue Shield of California Qualifying Life Events Pages

Adding informational pages to assist in the conversion process.

My Role

As the SEO strategist, I created a proposal for the client to add new pages that explain qualifying life events on their individual and family plans website. As a part of my presentation, made mocks and a prototype to help the client envision new qualifying life events pages.




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Identifying Problems and Goals

Qualifying life events are the main contributors to new enrollments outside of the yearly Open Enrollment for health insurance. However, the client has very little information about qualifying life events on their website. The only section with information was a bulleted list on the Blue Shield of California Individual and Family Plan (IFP) homepage.

Since educated users are more likely to convert, the goal was to create new informational pages, each targeting a valuable qualifying life event, with a path to conversion. By creating a page for each qualifying life event with valuable content, it would allow BSCA to rank for searches involving these keywords.


UX research

In order to decide on what content to create for the client, I conducted keyword research based on the major qualifying life events utilizing multiple sources including Google Keywords Planner, Screaming Frog, competitors, etc. After compiling a list of keywords with their monthly search volume, I reviewed these with the BSCA IFP team to determine which qualifying life events to include in our strategy based on which event produced the most valuable conversions. Coverage loss, turning twenty six, and marriage were qualifying life events with the highest ROI and the most search volume.

With this information I compiled a new keyword list. After getting approval from the IFP team to move forward with this keyword list, I researched common questions users have in regard to these three qualifying life events. This included reading through health insurance forums, Quora, Reddit, and competitor qualifying life events pages, utilizing Google Suggested Search to find questions, and cataloging questions and answers from featured snippets.

From my competitive research, I found that only a few competitors, like Kaiser Permanente, have informational pages on qualifying life events. However, most of their information is located on one page, making it difficult for that page to rank for different qualifying life event related keyword phrases. To avoid this pitfall, I suggested creating a main qualifying life events page and a separate page for each qualifying life event.


Design Process

For the main page qualifying life events page, I followed a similar format to the current website with clearly defined page sections. The goal of this page was to inform users what a qualifying life event was, list all the valuable qualifying life events, direct users to links for specific qualifying life event pages and links to conversion options.

The first section was a banner with an image and text at the top of the page. The next section is a line of text directing users to find out if their qualifying life event allows them to switch their health insurance. The third section was taken from the original IFP homepage, listing all the qualifying life events with a conversion button. The forth section I created to highlight the three new pages we were creating for coverage loss, turning twenty six, and marriage. The final section mimicked the end of each landing page on the website with a small copy block and image.


For the different qualifying life event pages, my manager and I decided on a Q&A format to encourage Google to pick up our information in featured snippets. My design followed a similar look and feel to the current website, with an image and title as a banner at the top and bottom.

I added a conversion option within the banner at both the top and the bottom of the page to encourage users to act after reading about a certain qualifying life event.


In order to get people to these pages, I suggested adding a two tier drop down menu from the healthcare basics navigation option. The first drop down menu would include links to the main “qualifying life events” page and other future page additions. The second tier navigation would show up while hovering over the “qualifying life events” link, and offer links to the three separate qualifying life events pages - loss coverage, turning twenty six, and marriage.

The final navigation was shown to the client utilizing a prototype built in Invision.



The Blue Shield CA IFP team approved my idea. I created the content and completed the editing process with the Blue Shield CA IFP team. Our proposal is currently undergoing legal review and should be implemented in early 2019.