Portable Storage Blog Monetization

Adding current inventory listings to the company blog.

My Role

As the SEO strategist, I proposed adding a feature to the blog to create a direct path to conversion. As a part of my presentation, I created mocks to help the client envision the blog with this additional feature.




pencil icon.png

Identifying Problems and Goals

The client was interested in actively promoting the “purchase page” on their site. This was the only page on the site were users could directly purchase products instead of renting.

The blog is an interactive section of the site, often housing articles that promote products sold on the “purchase page”.


Design Process

There was a lot of white space on blog homepage that could be utilized to promote items for purchase. I suggested shifting the blog articles and right navigation options to make room for a vertical section housing content from the purchase page for the desktop version of the site. The mobile view would not include this section, since it would not be supported.

This section would have a title “Find Your Portable Storage Solution” with the listings beneath. Each listing contained a description title, image, price with savings discount, and a button with a CTA.


Once the user clicks on the button, they would be directed to the drop down form beneath the item they would like to purchase on the “purchase page”. If the user completes the form, they will be directed to a Thank You page with copy and a link sending them back to the blog homepage, if they would like to continue reading articles.



This was a proposal sent to the client. Due to budget constraints, efforts to modify the blog were delayed to 2019.