Soluq Dance Company

Site redesign to enhance the user experience and drive more bookings.

My Role

As the ux designer, I worked closely with the client to create a new, more organized website.




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Identifying Problems and Goals

Soluq Dance Theater was looking to update their website with a goal to attract more awareness, generate more bookings, and sell tickets to their recitals. Their previous site lacked directive copy with call to actions and links for booking, making a donation page, and purchasing tickets.

The site also lacked internal linking, SEO meta titles and meta descriptions, and a homepage focused on the brand.


UX Research

There are many dance companies in NYC. So to recommend design suggestions to set the Soluq Dance Theater apart from all the others, I conducted competitor research. The client supplied a list of key terms that defined the company’s dance style. I used these terms to search for competitor sites. Once I had compiled a list of the top competitor sites, I went through each one.

After searching through competitor dance company sites, I looked at what large successful dance companies were doing on their sites, like the New York City Ballet and the Martha Graham Dance Company. After conducting my ux research, I made a list of key features that Soluq’s past website was missing.

These features included:

  • Terms (For example, most companies used the term “Repertory” instead of “Portfolio” or “Work”.)

  • Image Focus with High Quality Images

  • Separate Pages (For artistic director from the dance company members.)

  • Donation Pages

  • Booking Systems (Some including calendars, others utilizing email correspondence.)

  • Performance Schedules Displayed on Homepage

  • Linked Social Accounts

  • Repetitive Booking and Donation Options on Homepage

  • Information about Company on Homepage

With this information, I created a design that included valuable conversion opportunities.

Design Process

I began by making a list of all the pages needed for the new site and organizing these pages into a new site architecture.


Using my findings from the UX research I designed the homepage to include four sections. The first section contained an H1 title tag for the brand and a booking CTA with a link over a large high quality image. The next section contained information about the company with another high quality image. The third section contained another high quality image with a performance schedule and links to purchase tickets. The last section contain a second CTA to book the company. In the footer, I placed contact information for book and social media links. I went through many performance photos and chose to use high quality images that worked with the site’s color scheme.

Booking CTA and Links


Performance Schedule and Links to Purchase


I created a drop down menu for “The Company” which contained list of work and dance company members. The new “Work” page labeled “Repertory” contains tile with an image, title, and description for each performance. These tiles were stacked to create a clean, uniform appearance. I also cleaned up the copy and suggested additional copy below the title based on competitive research.

I separated the previous “Company” page into two new pages - “Artistic Director” and “Company Members”. I cleaned up the copy for the artistic director and added an H1 title tag. For the Company Members page, I added an H1 title tag reformatted the images and text so mimic the clean esthetic on the Artistic Director’s page.

The media page was kept as is with the addition of an H1 title tag. I added a new support page with a large high quality image, directive copy and link to the donation’s form (not located on the site). I updated the contact page with copy suggested based on competitive research and added a “Thank You'“ message after a user had sent the form.

I also created a custom 404 page in the clean esthetic of the site, with directive copy and a link back to the homepage.

The previous Soluq website had a clean, minimalist appearance, with a lot of white space. I kept this esthetic and added hints of a vibrant teal color found in many images from a past performance featured on the homepage. I added a H1 title tag to each page.

After discussing the first set of wireframes with the client, we decided on a set of changes. The client requested removal of one booking CTAs on the homepage and preferred keeping the booking option located in the forth section. We also decided to split up the images in the slideshow on the media page by performance piece. The final change before implementing was removal of the artistic director’s contact information from the footer and replaced with links for easy navigation from the bottom of the page and to strengthen internal linking.

Based on these choices and approved second draft wireframes, I implemented the final design with a few alterations due to the template constraints in Squarespace.



The client was excited to have a fresh new website that allowed them to gain bookings, spread awareness about their dance style, and collect donations. Check out the Soluq website for the full experience.