My Online Portfolio

Finding the right balance for a multipurpose portfolio.

My Role

I redesigned my website to function as an online portfolio on a new platform with a more mobile friendly experience.





Identifying Problems and Goals

What should my portfolio look like? What should I share? My main goal was to highlight UX design experience I acquired through projects over the past three years in marketing. I also wanted my portfolio to double as a space to showcase my art, especially those for purchase on my store.


UX research

It took me a long time to create a design that felt genuine, while looking professional. I prefer clean, simple designs that showcases the content. I also love bright, happy colors.


Design Process


At the bottom of the page, I placed a link and directive copy to encourage users to purchase tea from the region they just read about. This link would navigate them to the “teas from X” pages, which contained a list of teas from that region for purchase.

I created a format similar to other category pages on the side with a header containing an image background and a semi transparent box with text.

I also considered the path users could take to reach these pages. I suggested the new tea regions page be shared in social media posts, blog posts, and with an additional tile to the homepage:



So far, so good. I have hooked up my Squarespace analytics to Google Console to get some data and see what’s working. Only time will tell!