TRSRenTelco Drop Down Navigation

Updating navigation to showcase bestselling brands.

My Role

Request from the client. I created a mock according to the client request for a new version of their manufacturers drop down menu.




pencil icon.png

Identifying Problems and Goals

The client was interested in changing the manufacturer drop down navigation to highlight specific brands and update the manufacturers page.


Design Process

The client requested a drop down menu highlighting featured and top brands, while also providing access to the rest of their manufacturer brands. The current navigation is a long list of around 97 brand names at random. As a part of the request, the client mentioned liking the brand drop down menus of companies like Sephora and Best Buy.


Using these examples as inspiration, I pulled certain elements from each example to use in the new drop down menu design for TRSRenTelco.

In the top left corner, I added the “Shop Brands A-Z” link, followed by “Shop Top Brands”, which I suggested contain the ten top selling brands in alphabetical order. To the right, taking up the most visual space, I suggested placing six “featured brands” that the client would like to promote. These brands would be designated by a clean logo encompassed in a grey boxed line.

At the bottom I added a search bar for users to quickly search for a brand. The site does have a search bar located in the top navigation bar. However, it is limited to searching by model #, product type, or product description. I suggested to the client that if they did not want a search bar in the drop down menu, then they should edit the search bar in the top navigation bar to include manufacturers.


In addition to updating the manufacturer drop down menu, I updated the manufacturers’s page to enhance usability, especially if the new drop down menu would not contain all the manufacturer brands. The current Manufacturers page listed all brands in alphabetical order in two columns. To make brands easier to find, I suggested a format similar to Sephora’s brand page with vertical columns by letter of the alphabet. I also added quick links to the top right of the page for users to shift from the top of the page to the section containing the brand they are looking for.



The client agreed with many aspects of the design and used it as inspiration for creating a new drop down menu as a part of their 2019 goals.