Book Box Subscription Concept

A book box subscription site concept.

My Role

As the UX designer,





Identifying Problems and Goals

One aspect of the SEO strategy presented to the client was to  to expand the Mighty Leaf Tea website and target keywords related to “tea regions” and “teas from around the world”. 

The “Tea by Regions” information was located on the “The Tea Plant” page, making page is quite long. The page was ranking for “tea plant” related keywords, but not “world tea” related keywords. So I presented a strategy to remove this information from the “Tea Plant” page and create new pages for each tea region. Different pages would allow us to optimize the content with specific keywords and create another avenue for conversion. 


Design Process




At the bottom of the page, I placed a link and directive copy to encourage users to purchase tea from the region they just read about. This link would navigate them to the “teas from X” pages, which contained a list of teas from that region for purchase.

I created a format similar to other category pages on the side with a header containing an image background and a semi transparent box with text.

I also considered the path users could take to reach these pages. I suggested the new tea regions page be shared in social media posts, blog posts, and with an additional tile to the homepage:



This was a propsal